The relationship between sales and credit is crucial to the success of your business. Investing in your team is a win-win situation!

Included in The Credit Risk Management Advisory service or offered separately:

  1. Online or on-site options.
  2. Personalised courses to your specific needs.
  3. Our Training has been developed & continuously improved over more than 20 years.
  4. Our unique courses apply theory to real-life scenarios & are guaranteed to give you the skills to deal with real-life situations when managing risk.
  5. Gain the confidence to make the right decisions.

    Topics covered in our Training Programs:

    • Scam Identification
    • Best Business Practices
    • The Dangers of Supplying without a Sale Agreement
    • Understanding Credit Vetting
    • Powerful Telephonic Debt Recovery Techniques
    • The Cost of Bad Debt
    • NCA, CPA & POPI
    • Completion of Security Documents
    • Completion of Debt Rescheduling Documents
    • Business Rescue vs. Liquidation
    • The Legal Process
    • Legal Entities
    • Reckless Trading, Cash Sales, Site Visits
    • Contracts on Hand
    • Notarial Bonds & Surety Mortgage Bonds
    • Direct Cessions
    • Credit Insurance

    AND MORE…!

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