The decision to insure is driven by the ultimate risk, not necessarily your debtor. We provide peace of mind in times of uncertainty!

  • Financial Protection & Peace of Mind
  • Protection against Bad Debts
  • If your client does not pay your Insurer will
  • Grow Sales with Lower Risk
  • Tailored Credit Insurance Solutions
  • Self Insurance Option or Hybrids
  • Secure Finance from Banks at Better Rates

Insuring your debtors book can be an effective tool in the mitigation of risk. With so many moving parts, we ensure your policy is structured to support your company policy and strategy and revisit this to ensure they are always aligned. 

Self Insurance 

Self-insurance is an alternative to traditional trade credit insurance. The true success of the self-insurance fund is the ability to build up the reserves without depleting the contributions. This is achieved with our focused assessment reports, in conjunction with our risk advisory services. The emphasis is on being hands-on and in the field, always aware of market changes.